Product Description

These are our Vegan/ Gluten Free Classic Cake options. They are perfect for sweet tooths, last minute birthday cakes, parties, or the holidays! All classic cake menu flavors and their product descriptions are listed below. We offer 3 different sizes, 4", 6", & 8" and they are all 3 layer one tiered cakes. Our Classic cakes come pictured as is and get a complimentary cake topper (see image above) if being used for Birthdays.


If you'd like these cakes to be customized in any way, it will be considered a custom cake and will be priced differently. Please contact us for all your custom needs!


The video above is us cutting into our 4" Vanilla Confetti cake so that you can see how to get 4-6 servings out of it. If you think this will not be enough cake for you, we suggest you order the next size up.


Our vegan cake ingredients are vanilla extract, salt, baking soda, almond milk, vegetable oil, white vinegar, all-purpose flour, pure cane sugar, and salt. All of our vegan cakes are made with our fluffy vegan buttercream using country crock plant-based butter and pure cane powdered sugar. Our cakes and buttercreams that require coloring are colored with colour mills colouring . All our gluten free/ vegan flavors are made with king Arthur gluten free flour.


All allergies must be disclosed when purchasing your cake.


*** Please choose the Pickup or Delivery option when checking out ***

Vegan/ GF Classic Cakes

Cake Flavor
Cake Size
  • Flavor Description

    • Turtle

    Chocolate cake topped with our delicious vegan vanilla buttercream, every layer filled with caramel drizzle, chocolate drizzle, and pecans. Finished with even more caramel drizzle, chocolate drizzle, and pecans.  

    • Vanilla**

    Vanilla cake layers, filled with vanilla buttercream & vegan rainbow sprinkles, finished with white chocolate drip and more rainbow sprinkles. 

    • Chocolate**

    Chocolate cake, filled with chocolate chips and chocolate buttercream made with 100% cacao powder, finished with a chocolate drip. 

    • Peanut Butter Cup 

    Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream. Every layer filled with chocolate chips & chocolate drizzle. Finished with chocolate drip & more of vegan dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

    • Strawberry**

    Strawberry cake made with non gmo freeze dried strawberries, filled with a fresh strawberry compote, vanilla buttercream. Finished with strawberry buttercream, white chocolate drip, and fresh strawberries. (GF/V strawberry will be vanilla cake instead of strawberry).

    • Chocolate Confetti **

    Vanilla cake, filled with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate buttercream made with 100% cacao powder, finished with a chocolate drip, and rainbow sprinkles. 

    • Neapolitan

    A layer of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cake. There is a chocolate filling with vegan chocolate chips and a fresh strawberry filling in between the layers. It is finished with chocolate dipped strawberries and more vegan chocolate chips. 

    • Cookies & Creme 

    Chocolate cake filled with cookie pieces, cookies and creme buttercream, topped with white chocolate ganche and oreos. We know that not all vegans are the same but for the ones that eat oreos, we couldn't leave out this flavor option for you!

    • Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry cake filled with fresh strawberry compote, vanilla buttercream, covered with strawberry shorcake crumbles, fresh strawberries, and golden oreos. We know that not all vegans are the same but for the ones that eat oreos, we couldn't leave out this flavor option for you!

    • Red Velvet

    Yes! You heard it right. We are now offering this highly requested flavor. Red velvet cake topped with vanilla buttercream, topped with drip & red velvet crumbles. Can come with or with out pecans.

    • Lemon

    Vanilla cake layers, filled with lemon buttercream & vegan lemon curd. Finished with white chocolate drip and lemons.