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Jazmine Davis was born and raised in Raleigh, NC.  She grew up in a big family. Being the oldest of six, she had to help out a lot in the kitchen. It wasn't until she was 15 years old that she first realized her passion for baking. While pulling a cake, that she had baked for her family, out of the oven she noticed that it had fallen in the center; meaning that it caved in. Upset by it all, she vowed that day that she would never let that happen again. She has stuck to her vow and has been working on perfecting her gift. This helped her to discover her purpose. Helping her to realize that there was no way she could keep her gift to herself. This led her to become an entrepreneur, birthing Jazina’s Creations. 

“In that very moment when you are doing something, if time stops, nothing else matters, all your focus is on that one thing, or you are at your happiest, that’s when you've found your true passion.”

-Jazmine Davis


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