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Product Description:

Cake Jars are back and are now 4 times the size! This delicious dessert needs no explanation because it is just that, the perfect combination of buttercream & cake in a 16oz jar!!  All flavors come AS IS, no changes can be made. Place your order by the 2's, you can choose 2 different flavors but they will have to have the same cake base. For example - Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Shortcake, Cookies and Creme and Turtle, or Biscoff and Vanilla. (Flavors with the same cake base are grouped together, if you need further help please read flavor description). You can not order both non vegan and vegan as a set, you will have to purchase 4 to choose non vegan and vegan. 


Please contact us with any questions!


***This product is available for Nationwide shipping or Local pick up/ delivery***

Cake N' Jars (read description)

  • Vanilla Cake Base:


    Vanilla cake topped and filled with biscoff buttercream, finished with biscoff drizzle and biscoff cookie crumbles.  


    Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. 

    Vanilla Confetti

    Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and rainbow sprinkles. 

    Caramel Overload

    Vanilla cake, topped with salted caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle, and sea salt flakes.


    Chocolate Cake Base:

    Peanut Butter Cup

    Chocolate cake filled with a fluffy peanut butter mousse and chunks of peanut butter cups. 

    Chocolate Lovers 

    Layers of chocolate cake, chocolate chips, chocolate buttercream, & chocolate sauce.


    Chocolate cake filled with chocolate sauce, caramel, and chopped pecans. 

    Cookies & Cream

    Chocolate cake filled with cookies & cream buttercream and cookie crumbs. 


    Strawberry Cake Base:

    Pink Lemonade

    Strawberry cake filled with buttercream, lemon curd, and a strawberry sauce. 

    Strawberry Shortcake
    Strawberry or vanilla cake with a fresh glazed strawberry and shortcake crumb filling.


    Red Velvet Cake Base:

    Red Velvet 

    Red Velvet Cake with vanilla buttercream. 

    Red Velvet Oreo 

    Red Velvet cake layers, filled with vanilla buttercream & crushed oreos. 


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